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HealthSource Foundation

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 The HealthSource Foundation exists to ensure that HealthSource of Ohio patients lead happier, healthier lives regardless of their circumstance.

Vision: The HealthSource Foundation is committed to providing care that goes above and beyond what is expected from a Community Health Center. The HealthSource Foundation exits to ensure that HealthSource of Ohio patients receive personalized care that leads to healthier, happier communities.

Services: The HealthSource Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the mission of HealthSource of Ohio. Supported by the Foundation, HSO is able to tailor services to fit the needs of our communities. Gifts made to the HealthSource Foundation go well beyond what you may expect from a typical Community Health Center by providing personalized patient care assistance; early literacy programs for our pediatric patients; capital improvements necessary to provide quality care; funds that ensure that the foundation will be around to serve future generations, and the flexibility to address other community health needs as necessary.

Programs: Health & Hope - The Health & Hope program provides personalized assistance when those we serve could benefit from a little extra TLC. Often times our patients could benefit from care that falls just outside of what is covered by their insurance or provided in the health center itself. The Health & Hope program proactively identifies and delivers services that help solve those challenges or issues that our patients may face in their daily lives. Specifically Health & Hope funds have been used to provide expectant/new mother supplies, transportation vouchers, prescription and over-the-counter medications, and other case-by-case necessities.

Reach Out & Read - The Reach Out & Read program provides early childhood and young adult reading materials to our pediatric patients. This program gives our providers an opportunity to gage where the patient is developmentally while advising parents on the importance of reading aloud and promoting life-long literacy.

Capital Growth & Enhancement - Capital growth and enhancements are necessary to ensure that our patients are consistently receiving quality care. Improvements to our equipment and facilities allow HSO to provide state-of-the-art care to our growing patient population.

Endowment Fund - Gifts to the endowment fund are considered an investment in our patients’ futures. Income earned from this fund will be used to support the HealthSource Foundation’s efforts for generations to come.

Food Advocacy - The food advocacy program is a fresh idea for health care. The program provides fresh and nutritious foods as a form of medication and illness prevention to our patients.