Frequently Asked Questions



I received a bill in the mail that states I owe money; however, I believe this is an error.  Who do I call?
Please call our Billing Office at 513.576.1950 or 1.877.268.7388 to speak to someone in our billing department.


I do not currently have insurance, but I need a primary care physician.  Will HealthSource accept me as a new patient?
Yes, HealthSource accepts uninsured patients, as well as those with Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance.


Does HealthSource of Ohio accept my insurance?
If you are uncertain whether or not we accept your insurance, please call the number on the back of your insurance card and check with your insurance company.  HealthSource accepts most insurance plans.


I need to see a physician but I don’t have insurance and I don’t have the money to pay.  Can HealthSource help me?
Yes, HealthSource offers a discounted sliding fee program for uninsured or underinsured patients.  Eligibility is based on income and family size.  To see if you qualify, call your nearest HealthSource of Ohio location to schedule an appointment.  You will need to bring income verification with you to your appointment. Click Here to see our Discounted Sliding Fee brochure.


I am currently a HealthSource sliding fee patient, but I want to know if I qualify for Medicaid.  How can I find out?
HealthSource of Ohio has four Certified Application Counselors on staff that can assist you.  Call 513.576.7700 extension 3622 or email


I have a question for my HealthSource physician.  What is the easiest way to reach him/her?
Call the HealthSource office where your provider is located and let them know you have a question.  Our medical staff will forward the message to your physician.  Please understand our health care providers can be extremely busy, and may not be able to respond immediately.