HealthSource Foundation

Funds raised by the HealthSource Foundation allow us to go above and beyond what is expected from a typical Community Health Center, ensuring that HealthSource of Ohio patients receive personalized care and access to programs that address the social factors of health.

The HealthSource Foundation was established in 2013 to provide our staff with additional resources to care for the patients they serve.  Often times, HealthSource employees dipped into their own pockets to help patients with costs for prescriptions, transportation, healthy meals, and other necessities.  When patients and their families were hit with hard times, entire HealthSource offices came together to purchase school supplies or replace household items lost to a fire.  After hearing these amazing acts of selflessness by our staff, the Foundation was created.

The programs provided by the Foundation reach far beyond the four walls of our health centers to address the underlying causes of health disparities and drastically improve the health and well-being of our patients and communities.